Community Schools


What is a Community School?
Community Schools are public schools that provide services and support that fit each neighborhood’s needs, created and run by the people who know our children best—all working together.

As a BCPS Community School, we believe in the FIVE commitment areas:
  1. College and Career Readiness
  2. Safe and Supportive Learning Environment
  3. Family and Community Engagement
  4. Health and Social Supports
  5. Equity and Inclusion
During 23-24 school year, CCFAS will develop a COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT. This means that we will be surveying students, staff, families, and the community to get a sense of what the needs are to be support our various stakeholders. During this year you may be asked to participate in a brief listening session to share your voice and experience with BCPS schools and your specific community. You may also be asked to participate in our SHARED DECISION MAKING TEAM, a group that meets to determine how to best use resources, workforce, and funding to serve the CCFAS community. In 24-25 the group will work together to develop an IMPLEMENTATION PLAN, and in 25-26 (and beyond) we will work our plan, all the while getting feedback from the communities we serve about the effectiveness of our services.


Interested in getting involved? Please check out our flyer below or contact our Community School Facilitator: Chris Wilson- [email protected]

In the meantime, we will continue to cultivate partnerships with community organizations, services, and businesses. Below is a list of our CURRENT PARTNERSHIPS:

--THRIVE Behavioral Health
--Kiwanis Club of Catonsville

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