What is PBIS?

What is PBIS?

At CCFAS, we believe in rewarding students who attend school regularly, behave in a way that adds value and positivity to the school climate, and who work hard every day on the academic tasks presented to them. 

We have a number of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports for our students such as point sheets, incentive trips, and a school store.

Students are expected to carry Point Sheets to their classes each day to monitor how they are developing and honing their skills with the behaviors that lead to academic success and character development. 

Below is an example of our point sheet:

The points that students earn are added to their school store "bank account" which allows them to "buy" prizes, snack, and other items from the school store. 

Point sheets, as well as attendance, grades, and behavior, are also used to determine eligibility for incentive trips to fun places.